MY UTOPIA in 2015

My UTOPIA is basking in a post-holiday glow and sharing the love with you. I decided to share a few of the things that I did (or plan to do) this season.

Family Time

Whenever Christmas morning rolls around, I always look forward to early morning “chocolate tea” with buttered hard dough bread, followed by a robust Jamaican breakfast with the family. Little has changed of that tradition as wherever I am in the world, I always return to the “Rock for some much-needed R&R and family reconnections.

Finding My Tribe

Recently I was at an exhibition and it dealt with knowing your Tribe – those group of friends who become like family and being there for you. It took me awhile, but I now know, I do have my tribe. They’ve been there all along and continue to grow (and shrink wherever necessary).

New Traditions

But this year, I’m trying out new traditions. It’s been ages since I’ve been on the party scene (in fact I think the last time I went to, one Sean Paul was simply known as “that brown yute” lol). But this year I plan to take leaps and bounds and dive head first into the party scene, supposedly at the top of the heap—yes, I will be at UTOPIA. I’m looking forward to this Floridian inspired fest with much aplomb as patrons are expected to be fully adorned in pastel colors (not sure if that’s to be a moving target or strictly enforced, but this we will find out). 

New Art

I’m always on the search for new art and artists with incredible talents. Recently came across the work of Nicholas Anglin, and incredible Jamaican pop artist. I first met him in at the Edna Manley Final year exhibition a few years ago and his talent has simply been growing ever since. More anon on this guy who now calls NYC home…