Name: Asafa Powell

Instagram Handle: @asafasub10king

Age: 33

Profession: Professional Athlete

Hometown: Linstead, St. Catherine

Now Lives: between Austin Texas and Kingston, JA

Asafa Powell is known more for his model behavior lately, but to most Jamaicans, and for that matter the world, he is known moreso for his “little engine that could” moniker. His drive and determination has endeared him to the public as he embodies the Jamaican spirit of never giving up – and we look forward to seeing him perform in Rio 2016 Let’s hear from the great man himself as he speaks to PATOO:

Photo Credit: William Richards

Photo Credit: William Richards

Three words to describe your style?  

Simple & casually cool

Your personality type is?

Fun and laid back … easy going

Your greatest skill is?

My ability to run fast

What's your hidden talent?

Music - playing guitar

Who is the last person you texted?  

I plea the 5th

The persons you admire most? 

My parents

Your favorite piece of art?

Anything my children draw

Whats your favorite app

IG and Snapchat is a close 2nd  

Your greatest success? 

Being the 1st Jamaican man to break the 100M World Record


What has been your biggest knockback? 

Not winning an individual medal at a big championship

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Enjoying my life and raising my children


Favorite Jamaican landmark? 

Jamaica has SO much to see and do … I love Portland (beaches, falls, blue lagoon) and I also love going up to Strawberry Hill - that view is amazing.

Whats your favorite curse word?  

I don’t really curse at all to be honest. Wasn’t raised that way…. but if I had to pick one probably “shit”

The most valuable lesson youve learned?  

To persevere and believe in yourself

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To freeze time