The sky over Kingston was brilliant and sunny, though it had rained earlier in the morning – a perfect day.  My hairsprayed upswept hairstyle and henna tatted arms were not to be daunted. It was a new day and I hadn't slept, all in anticipation of Carnival Sunday with my BFFs for our now dubbed annual Men of Carnival viewing.

Yes people, I was checking out the men in all their glory simply because all the photographers of social media has decided to conspire against us ladies across Facebook and instagram. But fear not, I have been up all night (and some days) scouring for man candies for ALL us to see…

It’s been widely (or not so widely) acknowledged that women make up most of the blogosphere, particularly as it relates to fashion, fitness and folly. In fact, when I sit down with the chief editor at PATOO and crunch the demographics with military precision, that fact rarely varies. So it begs the question, where are the MEN?  So perched in my nest from above at the carnival road march on Sunday with my trusted binoculars in one hand and my caipirinha in the other, I was all set to ogle mine eyes at the delish male flesh that was jumping and whining down below. 

My friends and I always look forward to the combination of booze, male bravado, and strippers as a heady mix that moves some men to do things they'd never do otherwise whether they be doctors or dock workers.

And I am going to address the 200lb hunk in the room, I refuse to believe all these men have spent the last 6 months assiduously working out in the various gyms across town only to be ignored come carnival Sunday or relegated behind some woman’s “bumper” *or maybe that’s the plan*.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of ARRC Media Limited