#SuiteLife | Laying it all on The Line

Courtesy of The Line Hotel

Courtesy of The Line Hotel

After a fabulous girls weekend in LA and lots of reviews to write, I will begin at our resting spot. We decided on The Line to accommodate a weekend of good proximity to everything in Los Angeles, without being at a beach area or downtown. Designed by Jamaican designer, Sean Knibb, the location of The Line is smack dab in Koreatown. The surrounding areas are a bit dodgy and each block differs greatly from one another.

The Line at first sight is tragically hipster. Shepard Fairey murals blessing the building and a bustling bar scene is exploding onto the sidewalk. The building apparently used to be some other rundown hotel. The Line has made some cosmetic tweaks and added their own spin to the place. Some of the changes are fabulous, some not so much.

Michael Fairey's mural at The Line Hotel 

The customer service at The Line is totally inconsistent. We had some of the best service of the weekend at Commissary and poolside, but the reservations desk and valet were an entirely different story. Our valet experience was really slow. Valet is annoying for the most part at large hotels, but we called ahead for cars and still had to wait a ridiculous amount of time. The valet drivers were very nice and totally professional about the situation- but the situation was slow.

The hotel has all the typical boutique perks. Pool parties, late night food, cafe in the lobby, bikes for rent...although who in their right mind would rent bikes to ride around Koreatown? I'd be curious to know the insurance policy on those beach cruisers. Outrunning pitbulls and crackheads to find good shabu-shabu on bike sounds like a bad idea. I think this is an amenity they could have skipped.

Our rooms were simply appointed. The beds were comfy and the furniture was casual enough to feel homey and not too modern and cold. The room views were amazing. The toiletries were bunk, bring your own shampoo and body wash for sure. The tile on the bathroom floor is asking for a slip injury...so they definitely need some mats in there. Loved the bluetooth connection to TV so we could play our own music, the blackout shades were amazing and the bar area was large and with a big sink- great for making our weekend drinks.

Our dining experience at their in-house restaurant Commissary was off the charts and our Friday night at Breakroom 86 was memorable to say the least...my reviews for both will be separate.

Fab meal at The Commisary

Fab meal at The Commisary

The hotel pool service was top notch. We had two cabana boys, Brian and John (siblings) and they made our Sunday Funday experience worthwhile. From fashion mags to pillows and extra towels, good jokes and trays of ice cold water...we were well taken care of. They provided the perfect send off to our girls weekend, as it was really hard to leave.

All in all The Line is a very cool spot to stay. For only being open a short time, the service kinks can be worked out and they will file down all the rough edges. We will definitely be looking forward to another rendezvous at The Line.


Betham Perry , PATOO Associate Editor