A Round Hill Tour into Kingston: Josef Forstmayr Travel Chronicles

Mobay based hotelier Josef Forstmayr is renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge of travel, tourism, basically all things Jamaican. The Round Hill managing director journeyed into Kingston with Round Hill guests, Andrew & Natascha Lauren (yes of the Ralph Lauren lineage) to give a guided tour of the capital city. Forstmayr’s penchant for finding the trendy, sometimes uncharted territories in Kingston made him the ideal person to tell PATOO about his Kingston chronicles…

Depart Round Hill at 6:00 am.
Leisurely drive across a rainy and foggy Northcoast to descend from the mist into glorious sunshine on the Linstead and Bog Walk plains!

Bit of traffic on Mandela and landed at Susies Bakery on Constant Spring for the BEST breakfast sandwich of fluffy, home-baked toasted wheat bread, fried egg w/lettuce and tomatoes..all washed down with Blue Mountain coffee.

Susie's Bakery

Susie's Bakery

Onwards into the bowels of Trench Town, downtown, Jubilee Market and the National Gallery of Jamaica. VERY fab "Jamaica Biennial2017" with Veerle Poupeye and O'Neil Lawrence.

Trekking back to Parade(stop for freshly sliced, iced water melon chunks @ St. Elizabeth farmer at Parade), Ward Theatre, Kingston Parish Church, Supreme Courts' amazing art-deco architecture and towards Crossroads...stuck in traffic, turning around weaving my way through gritty neighbourhoods to avoid traffic jam to reach New Kingston via Tom Redcam road. Photo op of Laura Facey's amazing sculpture at corner of Emancipation Park and onto Devon House for the "Jamaica Biennial2017" there. SPECTACULAR!

Smoked marlin platter lunch at Devon House Restaurant, finishing off with Devon House rum & raisin I-Scream for everyone... licking our cones and enjoying the well maintained gardens there...Kudos to the team around manager Janet Taylor!

Attempting to get into Hope Garden....locked main gate.

3:30 pm now...quick tour through Mona Campus at the University of the West Indies to show off our centre of learning...then back to the North South Highway via Barbican checking-out the mansions of "uptown".

Come off at Moneague to drive through Fern Gully & point out the "infamous" wooden sculptures which could easily be construed as Jamaican phallic fertility symbols...BTW, my mother collected them and used the phallus as toilet paper holders at home! Stop for pudding at Priory...and again for take-out jerk at Montego Bay Scotchie's.

Back at Round Hill at 6:30 pm. Picnic of jerk pork, jerk chicken, roasted yam and sweet potato and festival at their villa at Round Hill! Our guests LOVED it! Jamaica rocks!!! One Love....And most importantly…NO SPEEDING TICKET!

One love,