NEXT | Chef Garfield Seivwright, Jr.

Words: Paul Morrison
Photography: Michael Moodie



If you’re an Instagram connoisseur then you may have come across Chef Garfield Seivwright’s diminutive frame in your explorer section and wondered why this “kid” is always appearing in your foodie recommended feed. And then one day you clicked on the insta story and you see what appears to be a spooned sauce on a plate…but what happens afterwards was akin to watching a Jackson Pollack painting being created. And I knew I simply had to interview this young chef with a creativity that belies his age.

Very few chefs can say they are running a kitchen, much less making active plans to further their education at the Culinary Institute of America. But that’s exactly what Seivwright is doing, with accolades from his private catering clients who has his number on speed dial when entertaining or simply planning a meal, surprising them with his charm and talents in the kitchen. 

Seivwright speaks his mind, with us; in this rapid-fire conversation in between meal prep, Seivwright reveals how he came to terms with switching from his career goals of being a musician to being a chef, upcoming projects, and how he got started.

So I’m Garfield Seivwright Jr and consider myself as a talented and smart individual. I’m pretty young, I love to cook, read and a little bit of going out with friends. And that’s a short summary of me.

I’m currently a student and a Senior Sous Chef

Well I’m a Jamaican by nationality, born and raised in the Portmore, St. Catherine

Well I started cooking in 4th form as a vocational subject and then my teacher keep Telling me that “Garfield I think you should do this” so right then and there It was brought to my attention that I was actually good at food, well at least for that level in high school. It felt like I was supposed to be doing this from long time.

Well for me, as I said I never knew what I wanted to do. And if it wasn’t for food I would probably be doing music cause I’m good at drums. Maybe attend Edna Manley and develop my musical skills further. That was the plan before cooking.

How did you start your journey and how has it been so far?
Well I started my journey by doing a lot of volunteering. I went to different high schools to share my knowledge of food, because I got straight A’s in high school for foods and my friends keep asking me for help, so I said to myself if they are having a problem, other High School students feel the same and I think there and then I made my name and appearance on social media. The Journey even goes back to cooking along side my mentors, Chef Alex DGreat and Loraine Fung. While working with these chefs I learnt a lot and that knowledge got me accepted into Culinary School and my grades and presence got me two silver medals at Taste of the Caribbean, then I was selected to represent Jamaica in Abu Dhabi,  at the  World Skills to bring back information on how we as chefs and leader can develop the knowledge and skills of our generations.

chef @ work.JPG

What keeps you focused?
Music, prayers and motivation

How has social media helped or hindered you in your work?
Well social media, my audience of food lovers, chef and chef students has not on my gain me followers and publicity but gave me motivation.

What was your big break?
Being both Perry’s Manufacturing Ltd. and a World Skills Ambassador

Latest Project?
Well, I’m currently at Sky Dweller Ultra Lounge as the Senior Sous Chef/Consultant